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Looking at the worrisome incidence of sudden cardiac death occurring within community, I as the Family doctor of KK Jalan Macalister together with my team decided to embark on a mission that would empower the community as how to perform CPR and apply the AED machine during any sudden cardiac deaths. As a family Doctor, we owe this moral responsibility to the community tohelp educate them towards the betterment of care.

The main objective of this program was to create an awareness among the public on the importance of CPR & AED and the associated training .It was based on the numerous literature review that stated that when the general community is empowered with such knowledge and training, the incidence of sudden cardiac deaths can be lowered as timely help can be rendered in such urgent situations.

The place where this program was chosen to be conducted was unanimously agreed upon to be at Komtar which houses the various government agencies. Not only that, it is also a great place for shopping as well thereby enabling us to attract the general public to participate in this program. The program was carried out over 2 days namely 11.10.19 and 12.10.19.The most interesting fact was the area where the program was carried out which was the main hallway ( at the third floor of Komtar Tower) had an existing AED machine hung on one of its pillars making it even more appropriate to emphasize the usage of this machine. Two target groups were identified. The first target group consisted of the government staff hailing from the various government agencies. From the 45 government agencies, a minimum of 2 staff from each agency were invited and about 75 out 90 (83%) government staff participated in this event. The second target group were the general public who had come for shopping or who were spending their time at this Mall which comprised of about 35 people in attendance. The groups were further divided into 3 stations whereby the first station was all about CPR and AED, the second station was about Adult Choke and the third station was about Infant Choke. The partIcipants were given a briefing prior to the hands on session.

An overwhelming response of 64% were very satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained

Post program a feedback survey was conducted. An overwhelming response of 64% were very satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained with the program. Another 30% were satisfied with the overall program and the experience. The remaining 6% responded ambivalently About 1 month later, telephones call were made to the participants who had attended. Majority responded as ‘felt confident’ about CPR & AED and requested for second refresher program. At the time of writing, second program is in progress.

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