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Dr Maryem Sokhandan – KK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

Covid 19 pandemic has placed staffs under immense and unprecedented pressure , putting our physical, mental and social wellbeing at risk. Despite all the limitations, KKBTHO started our first screening and sampling for district Hulu Langat on Saturday 8/2/2020 with arrangements from CDC team. From that date, we trained many other staffs in terms of sampling methods,the guidelines , doffing and donning , and set up the clinic in a very short period of time with whatever resources that we had. We also initiated community involvement with the help from Panel Penasihat and our community leaders. Banners and FB live initiated by KKBTHO and Masjid Multimedia BTHO to educate and create awareness. The FB live was a major success on 16/4/2020 with 4 thousand views and engagement from community. We’ve managed to change the flow and system in the clinic and we also received tremendous donations from all walks of life. In short, although fms is the leader of the clinic, it’s a teamwork and we managed to overcome the hurdles. This video was made last year as a memory and a form of appreciation to all my staffs and something to be remembered for the rest of our lives. What makes it more special, was for the fact that I sang the song from the bottom of my heart

Happy World Family Doctor Day 2021

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