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The Journey Of My Love

The first time that I learned about Primary Care and Family Medicine was during my undergraduate. I still remembered vividly that my professor once told me this.

‘Primary care is the provision of first contact of care within the context of family and community whereas Family Medicine is a medical specialty which provides first contact, continuous, comprehensive, coordinative, and person-centred care holistically to all ages.’

Little did I know that I have fallen in love with it and now I am married to it for life.

I Found It Enticing And Fulfilling

I started working at a public health clinic after serving my HO & Junior MO at a tertiary hospital. Even though it was busy working in Primary Care, I found it enticing and fulfilling. Enticing because I could do a lot for my community and fulfilling because the community appreciate me. Soon, I enrolled into the Family Medicine Training Program after inspired by my Family Medicine Specialist, who had dedicatedly and selflessly serving the community. During my training, I was blessed with great teachers and friends. Great teachers who taught me the essence of Family Medicine. Great friends who walked with me throughout rain and shine. I am also thankful to God for giving me supportive family members when I needed most and whom I have learned the true meaning of Family Medicine.

I worked extremely hard and learned to multitask

At last, I passed and graduated. As a young specialist, I worked extremely hard and learned to multitask. Over the years, I have learned a lot from all the seniors, my colleagues, and my patients. I realized that I could do more for my beloved fraternity. I started to give back and involved with programs, expert meetings, guidelines, mentoring, research, organizations and many more. I am glad that I have created some history along the way. I won the song lyric writing contest for my organization. The name of the song is ‘Bersama’ because I believed in togetherness. I cannot do it alone and it is always a teamwork. I strongly believed that most of you shared the same sentiment with me. I am lucky to be elected as the first Malaysian to be the Chair of The Rajakumar Movement, a WONCA Young Family Doctor Movement for the Asia Pacific Region. Of course, it comes with many challenges ahead.

Does my journey stop here?

Does my journey stop here? Well, the journey is still a long way to go. I know that I am not alone in this journey. You and me are in this together. It does not matter whether one is from public, private, academia or military, what matter most is that our roots are still the same – We are a Family Doctor. It does not matter how small one’s contribution is, what matter most is that you have contributed and done your part. The time has come. Let us stand together. Let us bring our fraternity to greater heights. Let us build the future with Family Doctors! I would like to thank my seniors, friends and colleagues for their guidance, support, opportunity, and trust.

Thank you for making what I am today.

p/s: I am quite sure that each of us has their own story. Let us hear from you….

A Family Doctor by profession

A Mentor by heart

A Devoted son, husband and father

A Sincere Friend with a kind soul

The Custodian of Primary Care & Family Medicine

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